Friday, August 20, 2010

#0114 - 08.20.10 - PHOTO CAPTURE & SUBMISSION

It makes me happy to hear (and see through the wonders of google analytics) that Photos of People Taking Photos Of My Dog has fans, 'readers', and even press interest, beyond the borders of our Bucktown neighborhood, the city of Chicago, and even the country.

While the photos of Homer on PoPTPoMD are usually taken through the storefront window of 360SEE gallery -- we received what we thought was a really creative attempt to take part in the experience while far from Chicago...

I thought it was so clever that not only did I want to share the image but thought the post was worthy of its own # and not just a commentary post.
The fascination with photographing Homer continues to reach new heights.

This morning we received the following email from Singapore along with the above photo:
Hi there Owner of Homer,

I am Zeri from Singapore. I've never been to Chicago and I don't know if I ever will. I've been following the blog and hoping in the future I can come visit your shop and take a picture of Homer. But for now, I took this. Cheers! Best of luck in your endeavor!
Thanks for your creativity and interest Zeri. We hope to have you in Chicago one day.
-Homer & Jordan


  1. Though I live here in Chicago, I also consider myself part of Homer's international fan base.

  2. Thanks Diana! Homer appreciates your support.

  3. Thanks for the post! More power to Homer's international fan base. :)