Saturday, August 28, 2010

#0121 - 08.28.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

A beautiful day in Bucktown...
We hope this strapping gentleman submits his photos to be added to the post!

Ryan emailed us with a number of photos and even got artsy with some black and white shots.

Thanks for your photos Ryan.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

#0120 - 08.26.10

I caught this woman and her friends checking out Homer and about to *click* his portrait.
I reached for my camera and turned it on to find that it prompting me to recharge the battery.

So just like many of our subjects I reached for my Blackberry.

Find below our first PoPTPoMD post captured via smartphone.

The woman's friend also snapped a photo with his iPhone but the shutter speed and screen reload time was not sufficient for his capture.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

#0119 - 08.22.10

#0118 - 08.22.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

Katelyn emailed us her and David's photo of Homer.
Thanks for your submission.

#0117 - 08.22.10

Even the PAWS, animal rescue volunteers, couldn't resist the charms of Homer while setting up for today's Angels with Tails Bucktown event.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

#0116 - 08.21.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

I had the opportunity to chat up these young ladies after their iPhone photo shoot with Homer and look forward to adding their *clicks* to this post.

Cathyrn, the iPhone photog, sent us her *clicks* featuring Homer hanging out in our front door next to the PAWS "Angels with Tails Bucktown" animal rescue event flyer.
Thanks for your photos Cathryn

#0115 - 08.21.10

Digital SLR, ice cream on a stick, a large ice tea & PoPTPoMD... a nice little Saturday.

Not just *CLICKS* - Homer inspired portrait

Jean has visited 360SEE a few times but instead of photographing Homer through the window created a portrait of him using this online sketch program. Check out other digital portraits and illustrations by Jean here.

Thanks for the portrait Jean.

Friday, August 20, 2010

#0114 - 08.20.10 - PHOTO CAPTURE & SUBMISSION

It makes me happy to hear (and see through the wonders of google analytics) that Photos of People Taking Photos Of My Dog has fans, 'readers', and even press interest, beyond the borders of our Bucktown neighborhood, the city of Chicago, and even the country.

While the photos of Homer on PoPTPoMD are usually taken through the storefront window of 360SEE gallery -- we received what we thought was a really creative attempt to take part in the experience while far from Chicago...

I thought it was so clever that not only did I want to share the image but thought the post was worthy of its own # and not just a commentary post.
The fascination with photographing Homer continues to reach new heights.

This morning we received the following email from Singapore along with the above photo:
Hi there Owner of Homer,

I am Zeri from Singapore. I've never been to Chicago and I don't know if I ever will. I've been following the blog and hoping in the future I can come visit your shop and take a picture of Homer. But for now, I took this. Cheers! Best of luck in your endeavor!
Thanks for your creativity and interest Zeri. We hope to have you in Chicago one day.
-Homer & Jordan

Saturday, August 14, 2010

#0110 - 08.14.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

This passerby couple came upon Homer and as the woman took out her iPhone the man pointed out the sign announcing the blog.
They didn't seem to look up at me so I am not sure that they realized they were being photographed.
I hope they logon to the blog and send us their *CLICKS*

We got an email today attached with the below photo from Diana identifying herself and Jared (a dog walker) as the subjects of this post.

Well not exactly... Diana submitted her photo of Homer but did not say which post was hers.

I sleuthed it... the combination of the female photog with a male onlooker, the reflection of the shirt in the window matching that of the photographer in my above photos, and the fact that her email was "Sent from my iPhone" makes me pretty confident.

Diana let me know if this post isn't yours. Otherwise thanks for the photo - courtesy of Diana. (confirmed)

#0109 - 08.14.10

#0108a - 08.14.10

There are occasions where it is difficult to decide if a photo is worthy of its own post.
This young lady was part of the family or group of people from which post #0108 - 08.14.10 was taken.

While one can argue that photos *CLICKED* by the same group of people should reside in the same post... the argument can also be made that since each photo did not contain the same subject that the respective photos deserve their own individual posts.

I decided to compromise - giving each photo its own post but titling this post #0108a giving direct reference that it is a subset of the previous post.
Who would have thought that PoPTPoMD would deal with such complex issues?

#0108 - 08.14.10

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog(s)

Did you know that when you see Homer through the window at 360SEE there is "MORE DOWNSTAIRS"?

In addition to the first floor gallery there is a second LOWER LEVEL gallery space at 360SEE.

Spuds McKenzie is teaming up with Homer to get the word out.

We look forward to future posts with Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog(s).

Don't just peer in the windows and *click* photos of Homer from outside. Stop in, say hello to us, and check out everything that 360SEE has to offer.
Much more to see than can be peered through the windows...

Saturday, August 7, 2010

#0107 - 08.07.10

My what big sunglasses you have...
-The better to see you with. There is such a glare on my Blackberry screen.

I don't believe this bberry'tog was aware that I captured her *clicking* away at Homer...
But I think the passerby knew something was up....

#0106 - 08.07.10

Homer seemed more interested in me capturing my photo of the photographer than the people trying to pose with him for a photo.
Homer did finally take interest -- expressing through barks and jumps that his preference is for people to come in and say hello -- rather than interact through a pane of glass...

Thursday, August 5, 2010

#0105 - 08.05.10

Homer had a big crowd as his image was captured by a woman with an iPhone.
They noticed our sign for the blog ... send us your photos and we will add them to the post.