Saturday, August 14, 2010

#0110 - 08.14.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

This passerby couple came upon Homer and as the woman took out her iPhone the man pointed out the sign announcing the blog.
They didn't seem to look up at me so I am not sure that they realized they were being photographed.
I hope they logon to the blog and send us their *CLICKS*

We got an email today attached with the below photo from Diana identifying herself and Jared (a dog walker) as the subjects of this post.

Well not exactly... Diana submitted her photo of Homer but did not say which post was hers.

I sleuthed it... the combination of the female photog with a male onlooker, the reflection of the shirt in the window matching that of the photographer in my above photos, and the fact that her email was "Sent from my iPhone" makes me pretty confident.

Diana let me know if this post isn't yours. Otherwise thanks for the photo - courtesy of Diana. (confirmed)

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