Sunday, May 24, 2009


Let me start by saying that I am not one of those 'dog people' who dresses up my dog in seasonal (or any) outfits, refers to my dog as my child (or myself as my dog's daddy), or makes my dog homemade dog food...

But I do love my dog Homer and he is spoiled if for no other reason than that he comes to work with me everyday at my Damen Avenue, Bucktown neighborhood, Chicago gallery 360SEE.

People love my dog Homer.

Homer is a 14-month-old French bulldog and I admit that he is cute...
He is Yoda meets Gizmo with bugged out puppy dog eyes that don't allow for me to stay mad at him... But then again, I should feel this way about Homer -- he is MY and my wife's dog.

Over the last 10 months, since 360SEE opened, Homer has picked his favorite spot to sleep in the gallery -- one of the two 6' x 9' front gallery windows. And in that time, I have been continually amazed that people walking by will stop and take photos of him.

From fancy digital SLRs to point and click digital cameras, to an array of camera phones, iphones, and blackberries... people take photos of Homer through the window of my gallery.
These people are not clients...Do not know me...& often never step foot inside the gallery.

My question is ...
Where are these photos going? & What are they being used for?
Are people going out to dinner with their friends and passing around their cell phones and cameras to show photos of a dog that they have never interacted with other than through a window?

So I have taken it upon myself to expand the relationship between the through-the-window dog photographers and myself by documenting the people taking photos of my dog ...
Thus Photos of People Taking Photos of My Dog was born.

Have you taken a photo of my dog? This can also be your forum.
Send it to us @ and we will post it.

(The above and below photos of Homer were taken upon request and with permission by Jeremy Lawson)