Monday, May 24, 2010

1 YEAR OF CLICKS, 86 Photos, and many more memories...

Happy 1 year anniversary to us!

I cannot believe it has already been a year since I snapped our first photos of people taking photos of my dog.

Born from simple curiosity and growing into ... well I'm not sure what

It has been a trip.
Each and every photo from #0001 - #0086...

But there are some post -- especially a lot of the PoPTPoMD FIRSTS -- that I will never forget like...:

The first multi-camera group experience (#0007-#0009),

The first time someone tried to pose with Homer (#0013),

The first accidental video as a result of the wrong camera setting (#0023),

The first time a husband directed his wife on how to shoot the photo (#0031),

The first time a movie scene was inadvertently reenacted with Homer playing a supporting role (Freeze Gopher - Carl Spackler),

The first time someone tried to conceal their camera from me after being caught in the act (#0038),

The first time a mother and daughter took photos outside, then went into another store, then came into the gallery, never said one word to me, sat down with Homer and took photos of him for a couple minutes and left (#0041 & #0041b)

The first time that someone took a photo with both a digital camera and her iPhone (#0074),

The first time someone saw me trying to take a photo of them and relocated to an area where they thought I had a blind spot (#0075)

The first time someone submitted the photo that they took to be published in the blog (#0078) Thanks Stephen!

Oh the memories.

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See you in year 2.

Best regards,
Homer & Jordan

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