Saturday, October 23, 2010

#0131 - 10.23.10 - PHOTO SUBMISSION

360SEE has been known to be a tourist destination - especially for those interested in art and sustainable design. People have come from near and far to see our premier sustainably curated media choice gallery. The gallery even has its own page on the City of Chicago's 'Explore Chicago' website.

However, we do not receive many tourists just seeking out Homer and the home of Photos Of People Taking Photos of My Dog.
I think Kelly is our second POPTPOMD tourist to date...

Kelly hails from NY where she has her own french bulldog. She told us she had to stop and meet Homer on her trip to visit a friend in Chicago.

Thanks for stopping by and taking part in the POPTPOMD experience. We look forward to you sending us your *clicks* of Homer.
You can email us here.
Thanks for submitting your photo. Great shots Kelly.
Kelly also submitted a photo of her Frenchie Otis.

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  1. FINALLY some more reciprocal-clickin' love! And Kelly got some great shots, too. Love those soulful eyes on Homer. And otis is quite a looker, too! Thanks for sharing.
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