Saturday, September 25, 2010

#0128 - 09.25.10

Why is the guy in the Phillies cap carrying pots and pans down the street?
Regardless... I was impressed that he was able to carry that large culinary load and tap on the glass to get Homer's attention for the photo. (I guess we need a larger "Please Don't Tap on the Glass Sign")
Hey Phillies fan and friend: if you are aware of the blog and send us your pictures of Homer let us know what the pots and pans were for too.


  1. I was returning from a chili cook-off north on Damen and I guess I needed to see your dog up close so badly I couldn't take the time to read. My wife (pictured) took a photo but it was blurry so it got deleted. Sorry on both accounts. Go Phils! -Bob

  2. Hi Bob,
    Thanks for the comment.
    We were very curious about the pots.

    Sorry your wife's photo didn't come out.
    Next time you are passing by please stop in and you can even pose with Homer.


    Jordan & Homer